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Research & Webinars

A place to obtain research and webinars, from Hospitals, Universities and Colleges, for Survivors and Carers.

Dr Niamh Kennedy

Lecturer in Psychology
School of Psychology

T: +44 (0) 2870 123027
Social: @dr_niamh

Myself and my PhD student Oisin are conducting a research study focusing on the impact of stroke on younger adults (under age 65). We believe it is an  under-researched area of stroke and think it's important that younger stroke voices are heard.

We would be very grateful if you would consider sharing this with your younger stroke survivors. I have attached the details and the link to the survey below.

Did you experience stroke at a young age? Or perhaps you care for someone who did?

Take part in our research study examining the specific unseen and unmet needs of young stroke survivors as viewed by different individuals in the stroke community. This includes young stroke survivors, those that act as stroke carers (spouses, family, friends etc.) and stroke clinicians. The insight provided by these groups may be invaluable for future stroke research! So, if you have the time, please complete our 10-15 minute online questionnaire and if wish to discuss your experience in more detail, you can also take part in a one-to-one interview.

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